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2022 Orono School Board Candidates

Election Results

Candidate Totals Percentage
Dan Achtor 2,413 13.65%
Sarah Borchers 3,101 17.54%
Brady Haislet 2,682 15.17%
Wendy Lundsgaard 3,249 18.37%
Todd Madson 2,853 16.13%
Melinda Ringenier 2,677 15.14%
Timothy Usset 678 3.83%
WRITE-IN 31 0.18%


Election results are from the Minnesota Secretary of State Elections & Voting website as of November 9, 2022.

LWV Candidate Forum Recording

The Thursday, October 6, 2022, Orono School Board Candidate Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of Wayzata-Plymouth was recorded for viewing at: Thank you to the League and to Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission (LMCC-TV) for livestreaming and recording the Forum.

Dan Achtor

Candidate Information no longer available

Brady Haislet

Candidate Information no longer available

Melinda Ringenier

Candidate Information no longer available

Timothy Usset

Candidate Information no longer available

Voting Information