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Strategic Planning 2023-24

from Superintendent Dr. Kristine Flesher, Ed.D.

As educational leaders, it is our duty to provide the best possible learning environment for our students, and strategic planning is a fundamental tool to achieve this goal. Character, scholarship, and relationships—the goals developed during the previous strategic planning process—have been critical guides for our work serving Orono students. Now, to review and refresh our roadmap for the future, we are ready to embark on the process once again. It will allow us to evaluate our vision and continue to establish and articulate clear, long-term objectives.

At the heart of our strategic planning efforts is a commitment to improving student outcomes. By setting measurable goals for student achievement, we can direct resources and efforts toward initiatives that make a real impact on the education and well-being of our students. This not only benefits students but ensures the long-term success and reputation of our district. 

Strategic-planning Process

We have defined five phases in our strategic-planning process. Over the summer and fall 2023, we completed the Pre-planning Phase. Between September and January we completed the Stakeholder Input Phase. We are now in Phase 3: Core Planning Team Phase.

Strategic Plan 5 Phases

Key Findings from Stakeholder Input

The Orono Schools learning community has been busy at work gathering and contributing input during Phase 2 of our Strategic Planning process, “Stakeholder Input.”

During this time, we heard from recent Orono graduates, parents/guardians, staff, and members  of the broader community. Data was gathered through surveys, in-person meetings and community conversations hosted by Orono Schools’ principals.  

Key findings: What our stakeholders value in common. In preparation for discussions with the Core Planning Team, Dr. Flesher, Superintendent, and Dr. Ruhland, Executive Director of Learning & Accountability, synthesized data from these efforts. The Core Planning Team retreated in mid-March to carefully review the data and emerge with recommendations, strategic goals and an action plan for School Board review and approval.

Strategic Plan Core Planning Team

Thank you to our team members who represent staff, parents/guardians, community members and other key stakeholders.

Dr. Scott E. Alger, Paul Allonby, Adam Benjamin, Sarah Borchers, Tiffany Clifton, Gene Couser, Jeff Craig, Dr. Kristine Flesher, Jessica Frie, Glen Gunderson, Jessica Hovland, Mary Jodl, Dr. Becky Kanive, Stephanie Klaers, Chelsea Lee, Dr. Leslie Locke, Todd Madson, Britta McGuire, Amy Mitchell, Donna Ostvig, Dr. Katie Phillips, Melinda Ringenier, Dr. Aaron Ruhland, Becky Schultz, Dr. Rena Shah, Dr. Robby Sikka, Jane Smith, Paul Springmeyer, Katie Stanley, Timothy Usset, and Kim Van Eyll.