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2022 Tech Levy Renewal

2022 Tech Levy Election Results

  Votes Percentage
YES 4,732 67%
NO 2,297 33%
Precinct YES NO
LONG LAKE P-01 565 285
MAPLE PLAIN P-01 471 347
MEDINA P-1A 809 396
ORONO P-01 1,323 495
ORONO P-02 748 297
WAYZATA P-01 0 0
Totals 4,732 2,297


Election results are from the Minnesota Secretary of State Elections & Voting website.

Tech Levy Passes

On November 8, 2022, Orono Schools residents will vote whether to renew the district's Technology Levy. Because this is a straight renewal, there will be no tax increase if approved by voters. The tech levy will provide a dedicated funding stream for the next 10 years. Please read on to learn where these critical dollars are applied.

Straight renewal means no tax increase

The district is grateful for community support over the last 20 years. The Orono Schools Technology Levy was originally approved by voters in 2002, renewed in 2011, and is now up for renewal again. 

The request is a renewal of an existing levy that is about to expire, so there will be no tax increase if approved. The levy generates approximately $1.2 million annually.

Orono Schools is committed to providing accurate and transparent information to help residents make an informed decision on the Tech Levy Renewal. Please learn all you can on this website and contact us if you have questions.

Voting Information

Please see the bank of tabs at the bottom of this webpage. Under Absentee and Early Voting, you can click to view the days and hours for your city.


Orono Schools District Office

Overview Video

Tech Levy at-a-Glance

  • The request is a flat renewal of an existing levy that is about to expire, so there will be no tax increase if approved.
  • Minnesota does not provide school districts with categorical aid for technology; districts must rely on technology levies for these essential dollars. 
  • If voters approve the renewal, it would provide a predictable funding stream for (details below):
    • classroom learning and teacher training
    • reliable access districtwide
    • building security, cyber security, student data privacy, and technical support staff
  • If voters do not approve the renewal in November 2022, the levy will expire and the district would need to cut $1.2 million annually from its operating budget. These cuts would impact teachers, programs and technology districtwide.

Orono's Technology Levy Supports...

Child seated at desk icon

Classroom Learning & Teacher Training

Tools and teacher training to support excellence in teaching and learning and ensure Orono students are future ready.

Hands using a computer tablet icon

Reliable Access throughout the district

Regularly maintained and updated networks, systems, and software to support classroom teaching and learning and district operations.

Cloud security icon

Campus security, data security & technical support

Campus security, visitor management, secure networks, student data privacy, and technology support staff.

2022 Tech Levy Infographic

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the Tech Levy Renewal, don't hesitate to email or telephone 952-449-8300. 

Voting Information