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Academic Planning

Academic planning helps students set and achieve their educational goals. OHS counselors assist students in selecting appropriate courses to meet graduation requirements and align with academic and career goals. They consider factors like prerequisites, graduation credits, and the rigor of coursework to ensure students reach their full potential and are adequately prepared for the next steps in their education or careers.

School counselors strive to deliver a proactive and personalized comprehensive curriculum to all students through classroom meetings, small group seminars and individual student/counselor meetings. Over a student’s four years at OHS, counselors serve as partners, advisors and advocates, helping each student to accomplish their academic goals. This includes the following:

  • Create and implement a four-year college readiness plan
  • Set and meet academic and personal goals and help work through challenges
  • Take time to reflect on ability, personality, and strengths and match those to post-secondary and career plans
  • Prepare for personal and academic success during and after high school 
  • Build a target list of colleges that are a strong fit for each student and guide students through the application process
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Graduation Requirements & Course Registration

Curricular Options

Did You Know?

In 2023, 172 OHS students were named AP Scholars!

Approximately 80% of Orono Students take one or more honors, enriched, AP, or dual enrollment courses as part of their four-year plan.

66% of the Class of 2023 passed at least one AP exam before graduating.

Student Milestone Checklists

We have identified important milestones the best prepare high school students for the college selection and application process. School counselors will be working with students in classrooms, in small group seminars, and in one-on-one meetings to help and assist in this important process.This college planning calendar and checklist by grade will help families and students stay on track.

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