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Transition Program (18-21)

The Orono Transition Program is for young adults with disabilities between the ages of 18-21 years who have continuing transition needs as they progress from high school to living and working as independently as they can in their communities. 

The content of the program focuses on the transition areas that prepare these students for independent life:


  • Learn employment areas of interest and career goals
  • Resume development 
  • Pursue and engage in employment options


  • Hennepin Technical College
  • Southwest Metro Career and Technical Education

Recreation and Leisure

  • Learn how to access and use community centers and supports

Community Participation

  • Engage in activities within your community
  • Develop personal independence within your community

Home Living 

  • Build independence and advocacy
  • Increase social skills across settings
  • Learn and utilize basic math and reading skills applicable to daily life
  • Practice independent living skills 

Transition Services are determined by using person-centered planning, coordinating services with adult-based service agencies, and the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process, We help students achieve their goals by providing individualized instruction, training and support based on their identified needs.

Transition Program FAQs


Robin Zgutowicz
Orono Transition Program Teacher


Corinna Graner, Ed.S.
Director of Special Services

Melissa Martin
Special Education Coordinator

Ann Werdel
Administrative Assistant for Special Services

We will gain knowledge about ourselves and the communities we live in by participating in life experiences in a non-judgmental, safe environment. This will help us to learn as we overcome our challenges; these experiences will give us confidence and knowledge we need to help us succeed, make responsible decisions regarding our “direction” and “purpose” in life, contribute to our society and live a life of independence and success. Orono Transition Program Mission Statement

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